Online Singing Lessons FAQs

Do you only teach online or can I come to your studio?
I am only teaching online lessons through Skype and FaceTime
How are online lessons different from studio lessons?
The lessons are exactly the same as you would receive in a studio. It is better to work with a high level coach over Skype or FaceTime than a mediocre coach in person. Online singing lessons with Judy Malings gives each student the opportunity to work on their vocal technique and craft with a high-level teacher from the comfort of their own home. The main difference is that I cannot accompany the student on the piano because of the delay. Students will work on songs by playing backing tracks from their end on a separate device
Do I need special equipment or software for online voice lessons?
You only need to have 2 separate devices. One to place the FaceTime or Skype call, and one to play your backing tracks on. Most students use their phones or iPads with a computer. Your built-in microphones will work just fine as well as your built-in web camera. FaceTime is available on all Apple products and Skype can be downloaded at no charge.

You do need to have a reliable and fast internet connection with a strong signal as well as a quiet place to take your lesson where you feel comfortable.

Do you offer recitals?
I no longer offer recitals. I am happy to suggest local performing opportunities for my students, and I encourage them to ‘sing out’ whenever possible, but my lessons are not performance-oriented. They are oriented towards developing strong technique, prepping for gigs and auditions, and for reinforcing vocal skills.
Would you recommend online lessons for children?
Yes! As long as they are interested and motivated to learn, in many ways the online platform is better for younger singers as there are less distractions than being in a studio. Many of my younger students are much more relaxed in the comforts of their own homes.
What other benefits are there with online singing lessons?
The student develops a strong musical ear by repeating the vocal exercises without accompaniment on the piano. I always play the vocal exercises first and give the student their starting note, but then they are on their own. This strongly encourages them to sing on pitch and listen carefully to the notes they are singing. Another benefit is being able to have their lessons from home. There is no commuting or looking for parking.
What are the cons?
If the internet is troublesome, the lesson may have to be cut short or there may be issues with sound or audio quality. This rarely happens, but if it does, I will either refund or reschedule the lesson. If only the sound quality is compromised, the audio portion of the lesson can be switched to a phone call, but the video can remain with the sound off.

If a student feels more comfortable in a studio setting with a microphone and needs an accompanist, online lessons may not be a good fit. There are excellent performance coaches/accompanists available, and many of my online students work in tandem with them while working on their technique with me online using backing tracks.

Do you give trial lessons to try it out?
Yes. I always offer a complimentary trial lesson/consultation.
Do you record the lessons?
Yes. An audio recording of each lessons is emailed to you in an mp3 format.