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What Clients Say

“Judy is hands down the best vocal coach I have ever had.

Within my first 3 lessons I was singing notes I thought I could never reach, safely and with correct technique. I have worked on songs with Judy I thought I could never sing with what I thought was “my” limited range….but no more!

Judy has all the tools to increase your range, quality of sound and bring the songs you work on to a performance level.”

Elizabeth Beau

“Judy is the most amazing vocal coach!

My daughter has had 3 vocal coaches and by far Judy surpassed them all. And she does it remotely via FaceTime or Skype in your own home which is a lifesaver and a wonderfully comfortable and personal experience.

Highly recommended!!”

Anissa Branch

“Judy is the most supportive, professional and engaging vocal coach anyone could hope for. She tailors each lesson to the individual singer’s need and ability and her dedication and patience brings out the best in her students.

Judy has been my vocal coach for the past two years and I have experienced first hand how her incredible knowledge of tools and techniques increases vocal skill and confidence.

Highly recommended!”

Catherine Nemec

“Judy, You did it again! Annika came out radiating! I remember when I first called you, you said you build confidence and that is exactly what I LOVE seeing when she leaves you!

ou are really a special person in her life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the difference you make!”

Terry Nelson

“Hi Judy,I just wanted you to know that Daniela did great in the talent show last night. Francis and I were really impressed with her. There were a lot of singing acts, but Daniela seemed much more rehearsed and on key than most.

Thanks very much for getting her ready! We’re looking forward to hearing more singing from her”

Amy Burrows

“SHE GOT THE LEAD!!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful coaching and instruction. Today, she’s Belle in the Middle School, tomorrow… who knows? Maybe Broadway! ”

Cristina Shaffer

“After having six 30 minutes singing lessons with Judy, my singing abilities have markedly improved! I’ve noticed the change audibly when I sing and when I listen to old recordings. From the start, we hit the ground running, diving into my problem areas, but of course never without a proper warm up!

She uses her perceptiveness and expertise to diagnose issues quickly as well as prescribe exercises that address them. The improvement in my skills are very much worth the investment and saved me lots of time and vocal damage which I would have experienced had I tried to figure things out on my own.

I’m truly grateful for what she has enabled me to do with my voice and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Chara Bui, FaceTime student 2018

The Judy Malings Voice Studio is now exclusively online utilizing Skype or FaceTime.

Students will now be able to develop their vocal technique, troubleshoot specific vocal problems, extend their ranges, and work on repertoire in the comfort of their own homes, from any location in the world.

In this method, whether a vocalist is looking to fix a particular issue, increase range and stamina, whether needing a few troubleshooting lessons or considering long-term sessions, the Judy Malings studio is now available to students online with Skype and FaceTime.

The students need a fast internet connection, a webcam and a mic (built in the computer is usually fine). All students will receive an audio recording following each session, which allows for assessment and an opportunity to practice exercises between lessons.

The studio is pleased to offer online singing lessons via Skype and FaceTime, believing that online work is an increasingly effective tool in a serious approach to singing.

There is limited space available.

For more information, please contact Judy Malings

Portland vocal coach, Judy Malings has worked with Broadway veterans and coached contestants from “American Idol”, “The Voice”, and “X Factor.”

Exciting Studio News!

Check out student LuluBeatz latest video …
“Just Might Like It”

Check out Pennsylvania based Skype student Karen Maurer’s new CD of lullabies:

Congratulations to student Sterling Shenaut for landing the role of Red Riding Hood in Lincoln High Schools upcoming production of “Into the Woods” 

Former student and recording artist Kathryn Dean – will be opening for Howie Day at the Valley View Casino Arena in San Diego on July 10th!

Congratulations to student Annabel Cantor for her ‘Drammy” nomination as “Best Young Performer” for her role in Ramona Quimby at Oregon Children’s Theatre.

Congratulations to Judy’s student Nyah Branch for being the
“Pacific Coast” Pre-Teen delegate in the
International Junior Miss Pageant in Virginia Beach!
Nyah got 1st runner-up in the talent competition and 2nd runner-up in the nation out of 55 contestants. Congratulations, Nyah!

Congratulations to Judy’s student Sophie Mackay for getting the title role in
Northwest Children’s Theaters upcoming production of “Snow White.”

Congratulations to Judy’s student Caity Johnson for getting her
“Golden Ticket” to Hollywood on American Idol!


Judy Malings voice teacher and audition preparation

What can you expect at a lesson with Judy?

After assessing your voice and diagnosing your particular vocal issues and concerns, Portland vocal coach, Judy will design a  specific set of vocal exercises for you to work on. Whether your are looking to increase your range, smooth out the ‘bumps’ and cracks in your voice, improve your resonance and tone, work on riffs and runs, or if you simply need to work on a song for performance or auditions, Judy will provide you with the tools you need to gain control of your voice and build your confidence and self esteem.